Making Memes With LACMA Art

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In our digital era, is beauty is in the eye of the iPhone holder?

Some might say the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s permanent collection, which includes works from the likes of Picasso, Diego Rivera, Lichtenstein and Matisse is pristine, iconic, beautiful or even … funny.

A recent visit reminded us that art can resonate decades after it was created. We hope these artists appreciate modern relatability.

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What vegans think will happen if they stop being vegan.
“The Lost Felice”- By Marsden Hartley
“You can’t call it a serenade if I asked you to stop.”
“Scaramouche and Elizabeth” - By Vicente Roco
When you walk into the office to see if we’re still doing this job thing.
“Cold Shoulder”- By Roy Lichtenstein
When you realize ‘news’  just means ‘bad.’
“Whistle in the Form of Female Figure” - No artist listed
When you try to calm your anxiety by remembering diamonds are formed under pressure, but then realize so is coal.
“Weeping Woman with Handkerchief”- By Pablo Picasso
How to remind yourself you’re so young.
Untitled - By Ernst Stöhr
When your friend pronounces Broad museum right.
“Globe Cup” - By Abraham Gessner
“I’ve told you, I’m in love with myself.”
“Bacchus and Ariadne” - By Guido Reni
When you listen to too many true crime podcasts.
“The Magdalene with the Smoking Flame” - By Georges de la Tour
When you know who mom’s favorite is.
“Three Young Musicians” - By Antoine Le Nain
When no one thought you would be famous.
“Virgin of Guadalupe” - By Antonio de Arellano

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