Pedestrians walk alongside Echo Park Lake while wearing protective face coverings. Photo by Afonso Salcedo.

California Becomes First State to Record 600,000 COVID-19 Cases

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Friday, August 14, 2020

USC researchers have found the likely order of COVID-19 symptoms after analyzing more than 55,000 cases.

California recorded approximately 603,000 coronavirus cases Friday, making it the first state to pass the 600,000-case threshold. — L.A. Times

Two free walk-up COVID-19 testing sites are opening up. The Echo Park library site will have the capacity to test up to 400 people a day. The Westlake Food 4 Less site was created after 28 employees at the store tested positive in recent weeks, and is open to the public until 4 p.m. today. — The Eastsider, FOX Los Angeles

Online learning is impacting not only students’ academics but their opportunities for social and emotional learning as well. Parents can use these experts’ tips and advice to recreate those opportunities at home. — L.A. Times

Across 10 UPS locations across L.A. County, 84 employees have tested positive for COVID-19. — Los Angeles Daily News

The Judicial Council of California voted to end the coronavirus moratorium on eviction and foreclosure proceedings that has been in place since April, beginning Sept. 1. — CBS Los Angeles

Researchers at USC have discovered the likely order in which COVID-19 symptoms appear: a fever, followed by a cough and muscle pain, then nausea or vomiting and diarrhea. The finding helps promote early diagnosis and rule out other diseases. — CBS Los Angeles

LAUSD school bus drivers led a protest caravan in DTLA Thursday calling for federal and state funding to reopen schools. — Reuters

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Vaccine Kicks Off at L.A., Pasadena Kaiser Facilities

A recent NBC investigation revealed that 15% of high-touch surfaces in L.A. County contain the virus.

Two Kaiser facilities — one in L.A., the other in Pasadena — started clinical trials yesterday for a COVID-19 vaccine sponsored by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech. — NBC Los Angeles

The second round of coronavirus outbreaks in California has doubled the state’s weekly death rate and shifted the geographic impact of the virus to suburban and agricultural areas. However, there’s hope that the widespread shutdowns in late June and early July are slowing the transmission rate. — L.A. Times, L.A. Times

A swab test of 75 high-touch surfaces across L.A. County stores and public spaces revealed that 15% were contaminated with the virus that causes COVID-19. — NBC Los Angeles

According to data from L.A. County health officials, one in eight Angelenos has been infected with COVID-19. Most were asymptomatic. — Patch Los Angeles

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

L.A. County Surpasses 5,000 COVID-19 Deaths

In the hard-hit Inland Empire, hospitalizations are beginning to decrease.

After announcing 64 deaths Tuesday, L.A. County has now surpassed 5,000 COVID-19 related deaths. — The Malibu Times, NBC Los Angeles

COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Inland Empire have dipped, a hopeful change from last month when the region reported record-high numbers. — L.A. Times

A San Fernando Valley man — who has since fled the U.S. — was charged with fraudulently acquiring $860,000 in Paycheck Protection Program loans. — NBC Los Angeles

The Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences announced the cancellation of all fall sports. This will be the first time USC and UCLA have missed a rivalry game in almost a century. — L.A. Times

A recent study by the UC Berkeley Labor Center found that if California had enough personal protective equipment at the start of the pandemic, at least 15,800 essential workers would not have contracted the virus. — L.A. Times

More than 300 inmates known to be infected with the coronavirus have been released from California prisons as of this week. — Lost Coast Outpost/CalMatters


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Tuesday, August 12, 2020

L.A. County to Launch $100M Relief Program for Low-Income Renters

A beloved coffee shop for the LGBTQIA+ community had to close its doors this month.

A new $100 million rent relief program for low-income renters will launch next week, starting Aug. 17. Approximately 8,000 to 9,000 households will be selected via lottery at the end of the two-week-long application period. — CBS Los Angeles

L.A. County has delayed courtroom trials out of concern for social distancing. While more urgent criminal trials may take place in September, many civil trials are postponed until November or as late as January. — NBC Los Angeles

The devastating spread of the coronavirus among San Quentin’s prison population is casting doubt on the possibility of achieving “herd immunity” in the U.S. Data shows that without a vaccine, herd immunity comes with a significant cost in illnesses and deaths. — L.A. Times

Coronavirus cases are surging among children and teenagers in California. More than 50,000 cases were reported this week, representing about 9.5% of the total cases in the state. Adults ages 18 to 50 still make up the majority of cases in California. — L.A. Times

Cuties, a prominent LGBTQIA+ coffee shop in East Hollywood founded in 2017, closed its physical space due to lost revenue during the pandemic. — Eater Los Angeles

Are you looking for ways to help vulnerable Angelenos dealing with food insecurity? Check out this list for volunteering, donation and mutual aid opportunities. — Eater Los Angeles

Monday, August 12, 2020

State Resolves Database Error Impacting Up to 300,000 COVID-19 Records

Health officials say hospitalizations continue to decline in Los Angeles County.

Hospitalizations continue to decline in L.A. County. There are currently 1,568 confirmed COVID-19 patients hospitalized, down from last month’s average of 2,200 patients. — The Mercury News, NBC

Dr. Sonia Angell, the director of the California Department of Public Health, resigned Sunday. Her resignation follows last week’s controversy, where officials discovered that an error with the statewide COVID-19 computer tracking system resulted in an undercounting of as many as 300,000 records. — L.A. Times, CBS Los Angeles

A representative of the Los Angeles Police Department union criticized Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to shut off utilities at properties that defy social-distancing guidelines, saying that “civilian staff or someone else with a clipboard” — not police — should respond. — CBS Los Angeles

On Saturday, the president signed an executive order extending $400 weekly federal relief benefits for those who are unemployed. Whether or not the state will match the $200 difference is unknown. — KCRA

Although most public schools are online-only, some California schools are attempting in-person learning in counties that are not on the state’s coronavirus watchlist. — L.A. Times

Hollywood’s movie industry is slowly restarting after taking a drastic hit due to the pandemic. The industry supports more than 700,000 jobs and accounts for $16 billion in wages in the state. — NBC Los Angeles

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