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L.A. to Distribute $800 Stipends to Restaurant Workers Impacted by the Pandemic

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Friday, December 4, 2020

L.A.’s latest stay-at-home order features built-in exceptions for retailers and gyms.

Yesterday, L.A. County recorded 7,854 new cases and 44 deaths — yes, that’s another record-high count. Health officials estimate that one in every 200 residents is infectious. Overall, November’s tally of new cases is greater than the previous two months combined. — CBS Los Angeles, Patch Los Angeles

The new stay-at-home order for residents of the city of Los Angeles comprises roughly 10 pages detailing various exceptions. These include allowing malls and shops to remain open at a decreased capacity and allowing gyms to host outdoor classes while banning outdoor dining and gatherings with members of other households (unless at a protest or religious ceremony). — KCRW, KTLA

The city will be distributing a one-time $800 stipend to 4,000 out-of-work restaurant workers. — ABC Los Angeles


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Thursday, December 3, 2020

L.A. County Safer-at-Home Text Alert Raises Confusion

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new plan for the state in which stay-at-home orders are issued based on a broad geographic region’s ICU capacity.

Late yesterday, the city of Los Angeles revised its safer-at-home order — but ambiguous wording in a Notify LA text alert garnered confusion about its scope. Similar to March’s order, Angelenos must now stay home with the exception of essential errands. — ABC Los Angeles

California reported 20,759 new COVID-19 cases in one day, a 1.7% increase from the day before. The vast majority of counties, 51 of 58, are in the most restrictive reopening tier. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that stay-at-home orders will be issued for geographic regions of the state based on hospital capacity. — KRON, Politico

L.A. County is mailing COVID-19 testing kits to individuals with mobility issues, the elderly and the disabled as part of a pilot program. — LAist

Ever Linares, a 45-year-old South L.A. community leader, passed away from COVID-19. He spent time this year handing out personal protective equipment and organizing a nonprofit that provides community intervention for young people caught in gang violence. — ABC Los Angeles

The Supreme Court has ordered the re-examination of California’s restrictions on indoor religious services. Last week, the Supreme Court prevented New York from placing virus-related restrictions on in-person religious services. — KTLA

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Reach Record-Breaking Highs in L.A. County

After a controversial planned closure for a movie shoot, the Union Station coronavirus testing site was reopened.

Today, 2,439 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 — the highest number in the pandemic thus far. According to health experts, the current surge is not yet related to Thanksgiving travel. — KTLA, CBS Los Angeles

Earlier this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti drew criticism for allowing the Union Station coronavirus testing site to close for a movie shoot, effectively canceling more than 500 appointments. The decision was soon reversed. — KTLA, NBC Los Angeles

Some cities are looking to break away from the L.A. County Department of Public Health to avoid current restrictions, such as the ban on outdoor dining. Instead, they would establish their own health department or partner with a neighboring city. — ABC Los Angeles

In Boyle Heights, 197 handmade roses honor the East L.A. residents who fell victim to COVID-19. — Spectrum News 1


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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New Cases in L.A. County Spike Past 7,500 in One Day

County hospitalizations have also doubled over the last two weeks.

Today, L.A. County reported 7,593 new cases of COVID-19 — roughly 2,000 more than yesterday. The positivity rate has also risen to 7%. — The Signal

Restaurant owners are voicing complaints against L.A.’s closure of outdoor dining, claiming that contact-tracing data does not indicate that restaurants are higher-risk public spaces. According to public health officials, up to 15% of COVID-19 cases can be traced to restaurants. — Eater Los Angeles

Hospitalizations in L.A. County have nearly doubled over the last two weeks. Currently, 747 health care workers have caught the virus. — Patch Los Angeles

Health care officials recommend that anyone who visited people outside their household for Thanksgiving gets tested three to eight days post-exposure. — CBS Los Angeles

Councilman Gil Cedillo is requesting that the city use $46 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to purchase a Chinatown apartment building, which would spare the residents from a rent hike. — KTLA

Monday, November 30, 2020

L.A. Begins 3-Week Stay-at-Home Order

Over 70% of the ICU beds in Southern California are currently occupied.

Starting today, L.A. County is under a stay-at-home order for at least three weeks. Gatherings with other households are prohibited, outdoor dining is banned, and face masks are required outdoors. — Eater Los Angeles, CNN

Yesterday, L.A. County reported 5,014 new COVID-19 cases and 16 deaths. On Thanksgiving Day, over 5,000 new cases were reported. — Spectrum News, CBS Los Angeles

A group of people protested outside the home of L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Sunday, voicing opposition to the recent coronavirus restrictions and demanding the reopening of businesses. — ABC Los Angeles

State officials are concerned that California will run out of ICU beds by Dec. 24 if the current surge isn’t controlled. Right now, 74% of Intensive Care Unit beds in Southern California are occupied. — KTLA

Since the pandemic’s start, one in every 40 West Hollywood residents has tested positive for the virus. — WEHOville

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