Dodgers fans took to the streets to celebrate their team's World Series win. Credit: ABC7.

The Dodgers Took the World Series, Angelenos Took to the Streets

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The Dodgers won, fireworks boomed, crowds formed, police beat up fans and journalists, Twitter reacted.

Last night, the Dodgers clinched the World Series for the first time since 1988. If you don’t follow sports, you still may have realized the moment when the victory occurred because it sounded like “The Purge” outside. Social media was, of course, abuzz, too. Yes, it’s time for another L.A. Reacts to Things on Twitter post.

We all knew that if the Dodgers won Game 6 last night, they’d win the whole thing. The city prepared by lighting up its landmarks in Dodger blue.

We also prepared in other ways. When the Lakers won their 17th championship earlier this month, mayhem ensued with fans gathering near the Staples Center to chant, climb street signs and party. Earlier this week, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health indicated that sports-related gatherings were “likely” a contributing factor in an uptick of COVID-19 infections. Oh, yeah, that ol’ pandemic thing that’s still going on. So the Dodgers got a heavy-hitter to ask us to celebrate at home.

But then it happened. The Dodgers took that title, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1. Cue the fireworks.

L.A. Times journalist Matt Pearce, who rounds up palm tree fires caused by fireworks on the Fourth of July, caught this terrifying spectacle.

One interesting thing that happened during the game: Third baseman Justin Turner was removed from the game when his COVID-19 test came back positive. He was replaced by Edwin Rios.

But then, Turner was seen back on the field taking unmasked photos with his teammates. Do they all have COVID-19 now? Who knows?!

Meanwhile, on the streets of downtown L.A., things got “unruly.” No one listened to Vin Scully, apparently. While the celebrations remained mostly peaceful, a semi was looted, some buildings — including a Footlocker and a Jersey Mike’s — were vandalized, the crowd threw stuff at the LAPD, the LAPD fired less-lethal munitions back, and at least eight people were arrested. As a reminder, less-lethal munitions have come under scrutiny lately as they can do permanent damage to people when fired at close range or at certain body parts. When the Lakers won, the LAPD permanently blinded a man in the right eye and shot out another man’s teeth with foam projectiles.

Cops also, again, didn’t seem to care if they were firing on journalists. While covering the situation, journalist Lexis-Olivier Ray said police beat him with batons and broke his camera mic. He uploaded a video of the incident to Twitter.

Reporter Emily Holshouser said she was shot in the hip with a foam round.

Meanwhile, reporter Sam Braslow, who got his phone shot out of his hand when the Lakers won, got hit in the arm this time while covering the downtown jubilation.

The dust eventually settled as the night grew quiet. This morning, the Dodgers announced they will hold an official celebration at a “later date” when it is safe to do so. Similarly, the Lakers postponed their victory parade.

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