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Los Angeleno’s Launch and Our L.A.-Sized Mission

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Launched officially on April 9, Los Angeleno took over The Blind Barber in Culver City to celebrate local media.

We finally did it! Although Los Angeleno had been online for a few weeks prior, on Tuesday, April 9, we officially launched.

To celebrate that all parts of the site were now active and to call attention to the importance and potency of local media, we hosted a gathering at the Blind Barber in Culver City.

Last year, the future of L.A. media looked bleak following the decimation of LA Weekly and uncertainty over new ownership at the Los Angeles Times. At the time, publications like L.A. Taco, LAist and The LAnd had yet to be in full swing. We’re excited, as one of our party-goers put it, to be part of this local media “super bloom.”

Los Angeles is big and sprawling, which means there is always something new to discover even if you’ve been living here for decades. At Los Angeleno, we aim to tap into that sense of discovery. We’re dedicated to telling the city’s untold stories about L.A. life, culture and art.

Part of our mission is to cover the underlying areas around greater Los Angeles that don’t get as much coverage. And Los Angeleno is making a space and a community for established journalists and photographers. We’re also here to give new and underserved voices a platform and develop emerging talent.

Thank you to all who attended our launch celebration — in person or in spirit. We simply cannot do this without your support, engagement and contributions. We’re honored to see many of you sharing our work.

Of course, we’d also like to celebrate the team who had been working behind the scenes to make the site, the content and the events all possible. They are the crucial parts that make the vehicle of Los Angeleno move forward.

After sacrificing many nights and weekends that could otherwise have been spent on possibly more exciting social activities — we are now excited about the prospect of continuing to do more of the same. That’s how much we love L.A.

The Team

Co-Founder and CEO Lauren Arevalo-Downes

Co-Founder and President  Lakin Soldate

Editorial Director Sophia Kercher

Copy Chief Richard Martinez

Events Editor Daiana Feuer

Director of Audience Development Matthew Arevalo-Downes

Social Media Manager Virali Dave

For pitches, hit up [email protected] and for partnerships send your inquiries to [email protected].

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