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When we launched in April of 2019, we did so with an L.A.-sized mission to help Angelenos discover and connect with their city in new ways, focusing on telling untold stories about L.A. life, culture and art. 

We made space and community — and not just for established journalists and photographers. We committed to providing new and underserved voices with a platform to report on features and news.

In these difficult times, when reporting on what is happening on a hyper-local level matters more than ever, we find ourselves in a position where the model we started out with as a news business must be transformed again in order for us to continue our work.

To make that pivot to sustainability, we have launched a Membership Program that comes with useful and fun perks to keep you informed and entertained. We need your support to hit our goal of having 1,000 paid members by the end of this year.

These next few months are critical for us to continue to do our work. If you value what we do at Los Angeleno, please consider a membership and encourage others to support us as well.

Memberships start at $5 a month to gain access to some amazing perks we’ve put together for you. If you are in a position to support us in any way, we would be endlessly grateful. 

Thank you for your continued readership. We look forward to bringing you many more stories about our favorite city.


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